About Us

Seniors Meal Box started in memory of a senior, who was a philanthropist and a community leader.  Late in age, when he was suffering from multiple health issues, he often recalled the good food that was made with love by his wife.  Because of diet restrictions, he could not eat many things. He often craved for that food that would be healthy, permissible and is also delicious. Despite many restrictions he continued to gratify his taste buds as food was his way to cope with his challenges of mental health and old age. He continued to advocate for good and healthy food which can be delicious and that it should not be a privilege for the seniors who face many challenges.    

Seniors Meal Box is a service to support the health, food security and dignity of our elders who find little joy though food and find healing when they are cared for.  Through our work, we will continue to bring many smiles in lives of our seniors with the food we make and serve with love.  

In Ontario, thousands of seniors live alone or are isolated, having lost loved ones or having become sole care-providers for their partners, facing many challenges. This isolation is compounded by mobility issues, extremely tight budgets, or poverty in the face of single handedly maintaining a household and paying bills. Seniors Meal Box, is a targeted program, facilitated by the non-profit organization Saffron Hub to reduce food poverty and isolation for seniors.

Many seniors are also culturally isolated and miss their familiar, family foods and long for a taste of their favorite ethnic dish. The Seniors Meal Box provides seniors with a choice of culturally appropriate healthy meals, that they typically do not have the ability, opportunity and budget to prepare.


Meals include a variety of proteins, vegetables, and carbohydrates, creating a well-balanced meal with a focus on fresh, nutritive dense vegetables. Thus far Saffron Hub has provided over 60,000+ meal boxes to 200+ seniors in North York, Toronto and the Durham Region. Meals are prepared by collaborating, women led food businesses with the oversight of nutritional experts who specialize in senior health and well being.

Food safety and safe delivery is paramount with all provincial health and safety measures being continuously updated and followed.


Our Mission

Reducing food insecurity through the provision of culturally sensitive food, nutritional and health information for seniors and their families.

Our Vision

In collaboration with communities, providing food services along with improved nutrition, and food security.

Meals Distributed

Happy Seniors

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